Commercial & Residential Interior Design

Blending intelligence with inspiration, Balanced Interiors provides a focused, fun and creative process for each and every design project.
How It WorksInspiration
How It Works

Reflections of You

With focused planning and client-centered intelligent design, Balanced Interiors offers a technical background and broad range of experience in the building industry that spans from project management to incorporating finishing touches of design.

When I work with Business and Corporate clients, their business space will showcase exactly what their brand is. The goal is to bring in more customers and help to retain them through a seamless brand experience.

Interior design for high-end luxury home owners is essential to bring out a client’s personality and style by highlighting the unique elements in every living space.

Meet Your Designer

Cindy Theriault

Having practiced as a licensed professional civil engineer in MA, NH and VT and with a Masters in Interior Design, Cindy has had the opportunity to work with several architectural and design firms in the greater Boston area.

New Office Spaces

Workspace Design

Peaceful efficiency is how things get done.  Simple designs illuminate the workspace and frees the mind to focus on the task at hand.  Blending aesthetics with usability is what I am known for.

Office Renovations

Utility & Effectiveness

Balanced and intelligent small spaces can lead to big ideas.  Do you have an existing space in need of renovation or have new construction in need of commercial fit-out? I can help.

Lobby & Waiting Room

Comfortable Introductions

From boring and utilitarian to engaging and inviting, the first impression your business gives should be a lasting one . . . but for all the right reasons.  Furnishing and finishes can redefine the customer experience.

Loft Office Space

Stunning Use Of Space

Despite their ubiquity, no one likes a cubical farm. Increase employee productivity and job satisfaction while impressing visitors through engaging, people-centric design.
Lobby & Waiting Room

Corporate Looks With Personality

Clinical, sterile waiting spaces devoid of personality are, thankfully, no longer the norm. Create a space that is an extension of your brand experience for your clients so they wont even consider the competition.
Luxury Residential

Designing For Life

Warm, inviting, impressive, and stunning, no matter how you define your living spaces, I can help bring your dreams to life. Blending intelligence with inspiration for a fun and creative design process is what I do.

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