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More Than Words

Aesthetics & Efficiencies

Warehouse, Offices, & Training Facility

Waltham, MA

The finishes, lighting, and spatial layout come together to create a bright, energetic, and dynamic design that reflects the impactful and enthusiastic spirit of More Than Words.

More Than Words is a social enterprise that empowers youth to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business. They challenge youth with two jobs: the “Business Job” and the “You Job”, then provide two years of follow-up through their Graduate Program.

More Than Words had an expanding program and needed a multi-functional space to meet their short and long-term goals. It was important to provide an open floor plan to allow for supervision, but also to consider that the space would be used for a variety of tasks and so considerations for noise level, traffic flow and temperature control was a must. They needed a space to warehouse the donated books, which could be transformed into a “store” where customers could shop. They also needed offices for one on one meetings, a large conference room for trainings and an area to sort, scan and receive donations by the truckload. In addition, a place for answering phone calls and emails and a coffee / break bar were included in the design.

The final design included a warehouse/bookstore, four offices, a training and conference room, a coffee bar, a computer area for receiving and shipping, a reception area. The design focused on making the pedestrian traffic flow patterns efficient and noise levels at a manageable decibel for the multi-use, but kept an open floor plan. A bright color palette was chosen to create an energetic, fun environment where youths wanted to work.

Find out more about the More Than Words program here.

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Downtown Waltham Partnership

Storefront Improvement Program

The goal of the Downtown Waltham Partnership Storefront Improvement Program is to promote and revitalize the downtown area, preserve and assist with Historic Preservation, improve the appearance of the streetscape, provide assistance to businesses and property owners with renovation and development projects, to encourage a wide variety of businesses, and to assist in making Downtown Waltham a cleaner, greener and more pedestrian oriented.

While in Waltham, Cindy was a key player in developing the Downtown Waltham Partnership Storefront Improvement Program. As the lead, Cindy was the liaison between the DWP, local businesses, and the City of Waltham. Several businesses received grants and realized improvements and/or new signs with her design expertise and direction.

Before shot of the building currently under renovations. Project should be finished in December – updates to come!

Elm Street

Historic Building Restoration

Balanced Interiors was hired to provide Construction Oversight Services for the Music Hall Repairs and Renovations at 14-22 Elm Street, Waltham, MA. Cindy provided design services for this project while working at DEI, a design firm in Waltham, prior to moving to NH.

The original building was constructed in 1880, with a lighted theatre marquee added in the 1920s. The project goal was to preserve the structure and architectural features of the building façade, and to enhance its appearance. Funding for the project was received in 2018 and construction is on-going.

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