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Residential Accessibility

Interior Renovation, Porch, & Lift Addition

Overcoming Physical Challenges

Watertown, MA

Collaboration with the client and local architect, Bob Livermore, provided this Massachusetts home with the renovations needed to cater to the client’s physically challenged daughter. The client needed an accessible entrance, so the back entry and deck was rebuilt with a wheelchair lift.

The design challenge for the interior was to reconfigure the first floor powder room, unused mud room and small kitchen for accessibility, while maintaining usability for the rest of the family. The final project included a new accessible ¾ bathroom and a reorganized and updated kitchen that allowed the natural light to flood in from the yard.

The project was approached with a bird’s eye view, taking into consideration existing site constraints, architectural and interior elements and incorporate all of them synergistically into the design along with the client’s needs and desires.

  • The kitchen area packed a large punch in a limited space. Just 10×10, the area was configured in an L-shaped design, so every appliance was just steps away.
  • The existing powder room was transformed into a closet for the family’ games, recreational equipment, recharging area for phones and tablets, and “parking” for the wheelchair when not in use.
  • The poorly organized and unused mud room was replaced with a new accessible bathroom. The family wanted a simple, classic “wet room” design for easy use and cleaning.
Appeal & Functionality

Condominium Renovation

In progress…

This condo was built as part of a larger development in 1986. The owner wants to explore the possibilities for updating the unit to not only make it more comfortable for his personal use, but also to appeal to the rental population in the area.

Balanced Interiors was hired to develop and price three concepts for renovation.

Option 1. Little to no structural modifications. The proposal includes an updated color palette for the first floor main living space, furniture selection, window treatments, new appliances and a better lighting design.

Option 2. Updates as noted in Option 1 plus bathroom renovations, new flooring and a remodeled first floor that includes better flow between the kitchen and dining areas.

Option 3. Updates as noted in Option 1 plus the following renovations:

  • Remodel the first floor to be open concept.
  • Redesign the first floor powder room and closet space.
  • Redesign the second floor bedroom suites for a more user-friendly experience.

Work on this project is on-going. Follow us through the planning process as we make decisions on what to build!

It’s the little things…

Residential Flip

Concord, NH

Cindy took this project on as a personal challenge and a means to an end.  A small, and incredibly dated, ranch-style house came on the market and begged for an upgrade. Cindy purchased the property, renovated the kitchen and bath and flipped it to finance another building project.

The kitchen cabinets were painted, new countertops, lighting, flooring and appliances, were installed to brighten up the space and bring it into this century.

Similarly, the bathroom was updated with a new tiled floor and new fixtures. All spaces received a fresh coat of paint to update this small home.

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